Giving Back

Dr. Malotky believes that with her personal and professional success there is a social responsibility to make a difference in the community. She donates her time and resources to a variety of worthy causes.

Along with events throughout the year, Dr. Malotky has made a special commitment to the Good News Rescue Mission's House of Hope.

HOUSE OF HOPE is a faith based, 12-24 month residential program that offers participants the tools necessary to live a life of recovery. The curriculum includes relapse prevention, learning to speak with a healthy emotional vocabulary and spiritual development. The program offers graduates to become self-sufficient including the House of Grace transitional home, post graduate programs, transportation, mentors and food assistance.

Each year, Dr. Malotky treats a graduate of HOUSE OF HOPE. The graduate has worked very hard to complete the program and is ready to become self-sufficient, seek employment and positive relationships.

Dr. Malotky begins treatment with an evaluation of needs and restores the patient's healthy smile, self-confidence and self-worth.